3 original ways to play poker

Poker has become so popular in recent years that it is a sport in its own right. While there are many different variations and rules, new ways of playing have emerged, players have made the news with an unstoppable pellet and some adjustments could be interesting to have fun with your friends.

The party blind way “Annette Obrestad”

Annette Obrestad is a professional poker player and wrestler of a World Poker Series bracelet who is also known to have won an online sit-and-go tournament without ever having watched her cards, except once, when her opponent placed an all-in. Looking to destabilize your friends? This is a great opportunity to prove that you are a champion! In any case, the reactions should be interesting!

Add heads

Another way to make the game more unreadable and fun is to change the number of cards, including heads. By adding valets, ladies, kings and Aces, the possibilities of strong hand will be well augmented, for you as for your adversaries, and it will be necessary to be able to hold its nerves to realize beautiful bluffs, just as it will not be necessary to feel push wings by a square of ladies when we know that there are eight in the game.

Royal flush against big full, big bad beats and nice moments of poker will be at the rendezvous. The goal? You have fun and develop your reading of the game.

Play poker with crypto-currencies

If you follow the news, you are not unaware that cryptocurrency is a hot topic and provokes fiery debate. Did you know, however, that this new type of currency is making its appearance in the world of poker? Indeed, the site Coin Poker has created its own currency, usable only on its site and whose value varies with time like the famous BitCoin.

A way to mix poker with the world of investment, for more gains.