5 Advanced Poker Tips

I have been making a living from poker for more than a decade, so I decided to help everyone take another step in their poker career by starting the Poker Times blog.

Poker is no different than other business or another career path. You have to understand that it takes time, money and effort for things to happen.

I’ve teamed up with https://oddsgurus.in to give you some tips today, so here are 5 advanced poker tips to get you going:Concentrate all your energies in a single form of poker

1. Concentrate all your energies in a single form of poker

Do not try to play cash, Multi-tournament Tables, Sit & Go and Omaha at the same time, since this way you will not have time to master any of them. The each require different strategies in order to succeed.

Choose the game that best suits you best. Remember that your life will not always be as it is today; if you are short on time, choose something flexible, and if you are short on banking choose something with little variance.

When you choose which form of poker you want to play, focus your attention 100% on that, everything you should learn about poker has to be focused on that unique modality and leave out any other information that is not useful for what you want to learn today.

2. Don’t risk too much at the start

If you are just starting out, don’t put yourself in too much of a monetary risk, as that will end your hopes and dreams. Remember that you are not yet psychologically prepared and that poker has many ups and downs. Remember that if you risk too much in the beginning, your career may end before it has started.

3. Focus on online poker

You can play more hands, that means more experience in less time. You can play more tables, that means shortening the long term. You can learn in forums and schools specialized in online poker. You can play without investing much, or even for free. Online poker simply gives you much more opportunities in the beginning and every player should start there.

Your career is starting, forget the results, focus on learning. At university, it takes us 3 or more years to learn about a career, and if we get a job only after those years, we will see a result. So, in poker with two months playing you already want to have results?

Your only priority at the beginning is to learn and thanks to this the results will come as a consequence. Don’t associate your living costs with your poker results. Or maybe when you start college you already have money to pay for your things with what you learn? Well no, it is time to invest and be missionary, until you are great in your career and you can give yourself your tastes.

4. Think about the long term

All players are not just focused on winning, they want to win now! Unfortunately, poker does not work like this, so forget that the money you have in your box is to spend it. Don’t touch it, don’t use it for your personal life unless it’s an emergency. Focus on the long term, the results will come, but if you wear your box you’ll never get anywhere.

5. Define your priorities

Many tell me they don’t have time and I see that as an excuse, because whoever has poker as a priority creates a space and time to dedicate to it. Same with any career. Instead of going to visit friends or the movies or whatever, prioritise your game in your free time. If you want to succeed in poker or anything, you have to sacrifice time that does not bring tangible results to achieve what you really want.