5 tips from bettors that apply to poker

Gambling is based on a simple principle: you have to spend money to hope to earn more. Head of gambling prow, poker and sports betting have many similarities and the qualities of a punter and a poker player will often be similar. Explanations.

Make money, yes, but at what price?

This is the first question to ask yourself when gambling:

“How much money am I willing to lose by playing on the Internet? “

Gambling (poker or sports betting) should not interfere with your privacy. You should therefore consider these games as a hobby that will not affect your life or your family. So, you can imagine an “average” budget to allocate each month, as you would for the sport or for your outings.

If making money on sports betting is not impossible, just like in poker, you have to keep in mind that you can MAKE A LOT of money!

To know how to be patient, a formidable weapon!

Patience is a quality that applies as well in the world of sports betting as poker.

The deal is even more “real” in tournament poker. Be aware that a good player will only get into the money 20% to 30% of the time. Other times, this same player will lose his buy-in starting, simply and so it can quickly become frustrating.

In poker, patience in the game is also very important. The odds of getting a pair of pre-flop Aces are tiny: 1 in 221 odds. Good hands are rare in poker and you’ll have to wait, calmly before you start your first chips.

In sports betting, it is in the “choice of bet” that patience occurs most often. Every day, multiple bets are offered to the players by the bookmakers. These events are undecided and few statistics are available on the web to analyze these encounters. It is therefore better to go his way and stay patient while waiting for a bet more profitable!

Know your limits and avoid tilt

The tilt is a state in which a player is when he no longer masters his game because he is overwhelmed by his emotions. This is the risk zone that you must absolutely avoid in poker!

In sports betting, we often tend to want to replace a bet “to remake” after losing a first bet. Another example, despite the repeated defeats of our heart team, we place a bet on it. The results are often catastrophic and these bad decisions take us little by little to the tilt zone in addition to making us lose a lot of money.

In poker, it is the “variance” that could make you tilter. Poker is a game of semi-chance. Your results will be dictated by your talent and a random part. You master your game but you do not master the cards that will appear pre-flop, flop, turn and river.

It is therefore important to analyze your percentage of chance of winning a shot when you go all-in with your opponent. The result of the blow is only an end. If you were in front of the carpet, then your decision was surely the right one!

Avoid risky games

In sports betting as in poker, it is advisable not to think outside the box. Prefer classic games to risky variants that will pay more to bookmakers than to your bankroll.

In sports betting, multiple grids and futile betting will be avoided (eg bet on the winner of the World Cup). These bets are undecided and the share of random is too important to hope to make money in the long run.

In poker, there are more profitable games than others: cash game, sit’n’go, tournament, omaha. In these different games, variants are to be avoided. Unless you are an expert on these variations, you risk losing out with these types of games. Choose simple tournaments or classic cash game tables, especially if you are new to poker.

Analyze your game

Whether in poker or sports betting, it is essential to analyze your game and its performance.

In sports betting, we will tend to use a good old Excel file to analyze sports and bets that are most profitable.

In poker, the ideal is to be able to do some sessions “review” to analyze his hands played. It can be done alone, or with a friend to study the blows played and identify our mistakes (improper play, bad timing, lack of aggression pre-flop or flop …).

Tools can also help you in your decisions and for your next sessions: Hold’em Manager 2, Hand2Note, Equilab, Nash Table.