7 Card Stud High Low Starting Hand Selection

7-Card Stud Poker is a very popular format of poker. However, to add some complexity and increase the interest value of the game, players prefer the high low variant of this game. In this format, it is not only the player with the highest hand that wins. If another player has a hand of the lowest value and this change fits the conditions set for the game, then he hits a share of the pot as well. The greater complexity of this game, due to the more odds and strategies makes it more exciting than the simpler version of the game.

The general condition that is used to determine the lowest hand is of interest to the 8 best format. So the lowest hand should have all cards of face value less than 8. The basic process of the game is very similar to other forms, so let’s have a look at it.All players at the table place their first bet. This bet, which is called ‘a priori’ contributes to the pot.

1. Dealer offers 2-sided cards to all players at the table. This deal is done in a clockwise direction, starting from the player’s position to the left of the dealer.

2. The dealer in the same step offers an open card to all players, which is known as the gate card.

3. The player who receives the lowest value gate card places his bet. This bet is called a “bring-in”. This starts the first betting round after the cards are dealt.

4. All players in this betting round can bet, raise or call. Players who do not want to do any of these can “fold”. Folding in the medium term, get out of the game.

5. The surviving players are then dealt the next card face up by the dealer. This card is called the fourth card.

6. After the fourth card, another round of betting begins.

7. Heads Similarly, ‘the fifth card’ and ‘sixth card are also dealt face up. Bets in these rounds are started by the player who receives the highest value card.

8. The final card, which is called the river card, is then dealt to all players, followed by the last round of betting.

9. The surviving players after the “confrontation”, in which all players have to show their cards. Among these, the player with the highest valued hand is declared to be the first winner.

10. The player with the lowest hand, complying with the playing conditions, is declared the second winner. Both winners share the pot in equal proportion.

If you are wondering how the lowest and highest hand will be determined, you can refer to the series below. All valid hands are listed in increasing order based on their value. In the case that two players have hands of the same type, then the decision is made, considering the values ​​of the cards.