Advice to win at poker

In the emails that we receive from our readers, we often find the same question which is the following: “how to win at the casino? And if there was a miracle recipe that would make you win for sure, believe us we would be the first to reveal it to you.

In our articles, you have a strategy section for each game, it is important that you use it as much as possible when you tackle a new game because a lot of advice is updated, the techniques mentioned are often very profitable like the comments players who have tried them show it.

But we have one ultimate piece of advice that we wanted to develop a little more in a dedicated article, and that is stake management. It may not be clear to you at the moment but after reading this article you will see that everything will clear up!

Stake management

Whatever the game, when you play at the online casino, you are going to deposit money and the goal is to win it, but also not to lose it. It is true that luck is an important factor in winning large sums of money, it cannot be denied, but the correct management of your bets can greatly contribute to your enrichment.

To be more clear, the technique that we are going to reveal to you right away will allow you to always end your playing time, your game, in a positive way. Awesome isn’t it? Do you say to yourself that it is impossible? So take a look!

The technique in seconds

The first thing you will have to do is think about your gaming habits. Indeed, for this to work, you absolutely need to know exactly how many times you play per month, for how long, and set a budget. that you will respect.

Imagine that you play twice a week and that each session lasts 1 hour 30 minutes, that you play slot machines most of the time and that your budget per month is 300 €, which is already a very high budget, that we tell ourselves.

Our technique therefore consists in calculating the average stake you can make to reach 0 at the end of the month: 4 weeks x (2 sessions of 1h30) = 12 hours of play per month. Then, 300 € / 12h = 25 € per hour, so 25 € / 60 minutes = 0.41 €, say 0.40 € to round up per minute. Per minute, we estimate that you are going to make 3 bets, one every 20 seconds, so you do the following calculation: 0.40 € / 3 bets = 0.13 €, so let’s say 0.10 € per bet.

Our calculation highlights the following reality: if you bet € 0.10 each time you play, you will end up at € 0 at the end of the month.

Taking into account your earnings

Yes, but we told you that you would always end up positive at the end of the month, whereas we just told you that you would be at 0 € at the end of the month. Yes, that is exactly it, but in this calculation we hypothesized that you would lose all the hits you did, and that is impossible, you can imagine it. You will of course make winning moves, some of which will bring you a lot of money and it is therefore thanks to these winning moves that you will always end up positive every month, with some months, some nice surprises, we are sure.