Aggressive Poker Game

No winning poker player could possibly do without aggressive play. Aggressive poker means winning strategy. Aggressive gameplay means you need to use a variety of Bet Bet, Bet Bet 3-Bet and other poker weapons. This style of play is useful because you can win a poker bank in two ways: you can win the pot when the opponent does FOLD or you can win the pot in SHOWDOWN. And by doing only CHECK and CALL you lose the chance to win the pot the first time your opponent makes FOLD.

Ways To Play Poker Aggressively

VALUE BET is a value bet when you believe that you have a better hand or hand than your opponent’s hand or hand. Tip: Bet a lot when you have a hand against players who very often do CALL.

Use the rule of poker: If all the players folded before you, and you first bet, you almost always bet.

Use BET, 3-BET, 4-BET and so on.

As with pre-flop play, you should play aggressively after the flop, so use the Continuous Bet – C-BET also known as CONTINUATION BET. When do you raise pre-flop and continue to post-flop. This is, by the way, one of the main weapons in post-flop poker.

DONK BUT – When you first bet on the flop, in the tournament, or on the flop. Although before that, your opponent was aggressive and bet in the last round.

CHECK / RAISE – When do you do CHECK / RAISE in the next round. Although before that, your opponent was aggressive in the previous round.

However, aggression may not always be useful, so use it correctly, in certain situations, and against certain types of bets against certain players. Just remember that in an aggressive game, you win the pot in two ways: when your opponent does FOLD and when you are in SHOWDOWN. Such is the main advantage of aggressive play.