Are online poker rooms rigged?

Let us say this from the start, online poker sites will lose money if they rig hands. Earlier today I was involved in a conversation with several players at a table that swear that the site that we are playing on is rigged. Hogwash!

The funny thing is I hear this all of the time. It doesn’t matter what site I’m on, I hear it at all of them and generally the players who believe it the most are the ones that get a bad beat here and there yet believe that there is no flaws in there play.

Their also discounting the most important variable here. You play WAY more hands in online poker than you would in a brick and mortar poker room! This is SURELY going to make for more instances in a shorter period of time making one believe that “that shouldn’t happen that many times within the same hour!”

Many tests are run by most of the sites to ensure that there are no glitches. They don’t want to have anything go wrong with their customer base. By setting up or rigging a site, they would greatly undermine that base. Besides, their make so much loot being honest, why would they need to cheat?

Players will argue that poker sites make their money on rake and the more rake a room generates in a hand, the more money they have coming in. To a degree this is true, however, many players forget that rake is capped (usually at 3 bucks per pot) and once that has been reached they make no more money.

Fellas, online poker rooms are not rigged (at least the big ones aren’t.) Put the theory to rest and get working on your strategy.