Basic online poker tips

Check out the online poker tips tips below which include texas hold’um tips, omaha poker tips, and much more! If you have some online poker tips on the game of poker that you’d like to see published here feel free to send us your article and we’d be glad to publish it if it’s relevant to the game of poker and helps others learn how to increase their odds of winning! Not to mention, additions by our members are much appreciated!

  • As with playing poker in a brick and mortar poker room, don’t be afraid to fold your hand. One of the biggest mistakes made by novice poker players is playing too many hands. Playing too many hands WILL increase your chances of losing and eventually loss of your entire bankroll. This of course is with exception to the occasional necessary bluff 😉
  • Play at numerous online poker rooms. Playing at numerous online poker rooms can do a number of good things for a player including receiving sign up bonuses which ultimately increase your bankroll as well as a larger variety of poker tournaments as many online poker rooms run very large tournaments exclusive to only “their” members.
  • Be very patient when playing in online poker tourneys. We feel this is one of the most overlooked and undervalued virtues when it comes to winning online poker tournaments.
  • Avoid partaking in online poker chats. It can only distract you and only lead to bad things. Plus, some aholes get on there and will PURPOSELY try to frustrate you to take you out of your game.
  • Again, as with brick and mortar poker rooms, learn the proper time to fold your hand. Again, playing too many “bad” hands will hurt your bankroll in the long run.
  • Play in low stakes poker rooms. Low stakes online poker rooms are full of small fish that are easy to gobble up. Most high rolling pro players don’t spend their time playing for small stakes so this gives you free reign on conquering some competition albeit for small pots. Hey, a small drip fills the bucket!
  • Look for poker tells and giveaways by other players. Learn to read others by their habits. Believe it or not, these can be picked up even in the game of online poker!
  • Learn the art of bluffing but don’t abuse it. Use it sparingly and strategically. With that being said, we believe you can get away with it more online as we find other players to not be quite as observant allowing you to get away with more bluffs.
  • Be patient! There is ALWAYS another hand/another game! Online poker rooms have 24/7/365 non stop poker action going on, some with over 40,000 players online at any given time! Getting back to patience, professional poker players typically partake in approximately 25% of hands. This means to win loot you’ll need to be sitting the sidelines more often than your in the game.
  • We hesitated to add this to the page, because it’s against poker etiquette, but slow playing can really piss some guys off at the table and force them into an angry state of mind which can foul up the way they play. It’s pretty dirty and we don’t really recommend it, but it is somewhat of a tip although a dirty one.
  • Know your poker hands. If your trying to figure out “does a straight flush beat a full house” or “Does a flush beat 3 of a kind” then your going to have problems. Memorize your hand values and know them well!
  • Read as many poker books as possible. Poker knowledge gives YOU the POWER to make easy money in the game of online poker!

We hope that you have enjoyed our segment on online poker tips. If you have any good ones feel free to send them in and we’ll post’em on the site! Thanks!