Basic Poker strategies has assembled some of the best articles and notes on poker strategy from around the web. Many of these poker strategy articles are authored by professional poker players who have made their rounds and know what works and what’s necessary to win at the game of poker. Whether your a newbie to the game, or a seasoned veteran, poker strategy articles can only strengthen your knowledge of the game of poker and how to obtain THE BEST possible edge against the other players at the table. Check out the strategies below! If you happen to have some poker strategy articles that you’ve either written or collected and would like to see them on this site, feel free to drop us an email at and we’ll surely consider adding what you’ve got! Happy Reading!

Poker Game Plan –  Before you sit down at the tables, make sure you have one!

How to Win at Poker – very own “poker pundit” talks about some simple rules one can apply to answer the question that so many seem to be asking.

Laying Down Losing Hands – Poker Don talks about when it’s time to say goodbye to your losing hand during a game.

Poker Position – Dave Colclough talks about the importance of “position” at the poker table relative to where your sitting in comparison to the dealer and what advantages/disadvantages that can provide.

Bluffing – The poker pundit gives tips on when one should bluff in a Texas Hold’em game. Are your bluffs strategic or foolish? Find out by reading these great tips.

Poker Money Management – Not very exciting, not very much talked about, but surely the one of THE most important factors relative to winning at poker: Managing YOUR Loot.

Mind Reading – Poker Don talks about reading other players minds. This is a necessary feat to master if you expect to win on a regular basis in brick and mortar poker rooms.

Lessons Learned at the Poker Table – Lessons one can learn from the poker table including: being selective, being aggressive, knowing your opponents, having a plan and being sure you have an out.

Aggressive Poker Play – Master aggressive play and what advantages it can provide while at the tables.

Aggressive Poker Strategy – Playing loose games and aggressive play. Lou says “If you can stand life on the edge, if big swings can be absorbed by your bankroll, and if you are comfortable with a high level of risk, you’ll do well in loose, aggressive games. If these games are not suited for your temperament, look for another.”

Taking Advantage of your Opponents’ Tendencies – Taking advantage of your opponents and taking what they give you. Lou summarizes this article by explaining that the key to taking what the defense gives you lies in being brutally honest and realistic about your own hand, as well as assessing how it stacks up against your opponent’s.

Playing Winning Poker – Playing winning poker and explains that you need a plan to learn the game. Playing Winning Poker – Part II – Part II of a IV part article, more great info on playing winning poker including examining whether winning strategies alone are enough to guarantee winning at poker, how the information explosion has affected poker, and why certain things are much more important to playing winning poker than others.

Playing Winning Poker – Party III – Part III of a IV part article, talks about decisions and risk/reward.

Playing Winning Poker – Part IV – The finale of a great IV part article, about why risk/reward decisions are so tough and their subsequent actions,

Dealing with Maniacs at the Table – Maniacs and how to gain the upper hand on them in a poker game.

Poker Bankrolls – What kind of bankroll you need as well as when it’s time to quit or keep playing. Lou says “If you are a favorite, just keep playing. The more you work, the more money you’ll make. But if you’re tired, depressed, sick, just can’t concentrate, or that once good game is now full of tough opponents, get up and go home. It’s time to quit.”

Sitting Down at a New Game – Poker Strategy King talks about different strategies used when sitting down at a new game.