Different types of poker players

Whether playing online or at real tables, you will meet many players whose secrets and strategies you will have to try very quickly.

It is good to know the different profiles that you meet most often, to be ready when you meet them.

Maybe you’ve heard of tight, loose, or other players, here are some profiles that will surely help you.

1) The tight or loose game

This term will define the number of hands in which a player will enter

a tight player will play very few hands and only premium hands, that is, hands that have a good chance of winning.

a loose player on the contrary will tend to play a lot more hands, not hesitating high stakes, on premium hands but also on much weaker hands.


2) Aggressive play and passive play

These terms will more define the type of raise and bet players will make, how they will bet on each betting round, passively or aggressively.

An aggressive player will often bet or raise, and he will do so with large bets or raises.

A passive player will be more likely to check and call, and will more rarely bet or raise on an opponent. (In passive English)

By combining these four terms we can therefore manage to define a style of play, we will therefore obtain four different styles of play and when we play we can therefore attach a style of play to each player.

For example a player who bets more rarely and who plays only a few hands will be a tight-passive player.

What is it used for ? well in terms of strategy we will not apply the same depending on the opponent we are dealing with.

Typical playing styles assigned to players are:

Tight-Aggressive (TAG)
Loose-Aggressive (GAL)