Elite athletes and poker

Poker is the most widespread card game in the world. Its popularity crosses borders and more and more dare to try. A very entertaining game in which you have to think about the plays and know how to handle each hand with mastery. With the irruption of the internet, it is not even necessary to get people to play and learn. Anyone can play online from websites such as 888Sport.es or similar.

Famous athletes and poker

The poker fever is no stranger to elite athletes. Many are those who play, participate in tournaments and, some, even make significant profits. A regular at the poker tables is the central Barcelona Soccer Club, Gerard Piqué. The Barça defender is such a smart guy as a good footballer. Master the poker tempos and know when to squeeze and when to let go of your rivals.

Skilled forward Neymar Jr. participates in poker tournaments whenever he can. He does it in the time he has left between his obligations as a footballer, his advertising commitments and the games of Counter Strike, the shooter video game that drives the carioca star crazy.

Gianluigi Buffon, Neymar’s teammate, lends his image to an Italian bookmaker. The Italian firefighter, currently enrolled in the ranks of Paris Saint Germain, uses poker as an escape route to escape the stress caused by high competition.

Among the retired players there are several who dedicate many hours to the cards. Ronaldo Nazario de Lima “the Phenomenon” triumphed in the ranks of Barcelona and Real Madrid. The Brazilian was an electric fantasist, with a lot of power and devilish speed. He currently plays poker with the same precision with which he defined in hand-to-hand against rival goalkeepers. Ronaldo has already won several awards in more than one evening. A phenomenon, too, about the rugs and a nightmare for their rivals.

Another crazy soccer player for this card game is Francesco Totti. The eternal captain of Rome devotes a lot of time to poker. Now that the Italian midfielder has abandoned training, concentrations and football matches, he has much more time to throw lanterns with the same delicacy that threw the penalties at Panenka.

Rafael Nadal, one of the best tennis players in history, is another renowned poker fan. In his multiple trips and downtimes he takes the opportunity to draw the deck of cards and distribute double pairs, stairs and colors as if it were winning rights. His coach, Carlos Moyá, also plays poker. On more than one occasion the tennis player manacorí has ​​kept fierce battles, with letters in between, with his sports arch nemesis, NovaK Djokovic. Nadal in poker is like on the tennis court: self-control and the head are his best weapons.

Michael Phelps, the athlete who has won the most Olympic medals in history, is a regular at poker evenings. The American swimmer has been showing up for different tournaments in the world for several years. Something that began as an entertainment and has been gaining ground in their day to day.