Five Card Draw poker explained

Listed below you will learn how to play five card draw poker. Enjoy!

1. There are two betting rounds in a complete game of Five Card Draw, not including the ante. The dealer deals five clockwise rounds giving each player a single card down during each round.

2. Betting begins with the first player to the left of the dealer. This player may Check (no wager made) or bet. If this player checks each player clockwise has the same opportunity to check or bet. If any player bets, each player clockwise may either fold (forfeit their hand), call (equal the wager that has been placed), or raise (increase the original bet). If any one raises a bet, each person thereafter will have the same opportunity to fold, call, or raise. (The number or raises are predetermined at the beginning of the game.)

3. After all wagers have been made, active players may draw to their hands. Starting with the first active player to the dealers left, each player in turn may discard up to three cards and receive a same amount from the dealer.

4. The second round of wagering begins with the player who started the first round of wagering and proceeds as per the first round.

5. After the second round of wagering, it’s time for the showdown. The player with the highest valued hand is deemed the winner. If any time during play nobody at the table calls a bet, the bettor wins and doesn’t have to show his hand.

Note: If you win, don’t show your cards to others. You want to conceal your strategy and style of play as much as possible.


  • Adding wild cards to play (and allowing five-of-a-kinds if chosen).
  • High/low: the highest hand and lowest hand split the pot.
  • Lowball: Lowest hand wins
  • Allowing for four card draw with an ace.
  • Double draw: After the first exchange and subsequent betting, there is another exchange and betting round.