High Low Split Games

Playing in high low split games can be just as profitable as playing in any Texas hold’em game. Many times this game will be much more profitable than playing a game of hold’em. The reason behind this is the fact that many times you will be splitting half of the pot.

Many times in a high low split game one player will have the nut high and one player will have the nut low. Then they begin to bet and raise as if there was collusion at the table. This is not the fact, however, they are betting their hands.

What they are trying to do is extract as much money from the players that have the second nut or lower who are still in the hand. The way that this happens for them is easy and you can tell what a player is playing by when he bets or raises in a high low split.

Players who forget about scratching the other players back who has their exact opposite hand will lose out on a golden opportunity to cash in on the hand. This opportunity is to excel in this multi-action environment.

Most players in high low split games are dead money to players that practice the rules of sharing. Learning how to share pots as well as share the action to extract the most from players at your table is difficult but well worth it over the long haul and will set you apart from guys that win sometimes to guys that win often.