How can I become a poker pro?

You should build up a lot of experience playing poker and a large bankroll before choosing to become a professional player. The first step is definitely not to move to Las Vegas. There are many other places to play poker around the country and on-line where the action is as good or better than Vegas. Find a place near where you already live and play first at low limits while you continue to make a living at your current job. Read lots of poker books, think a lot about poker away from the table, and practice on your computer or for play money or low limits until you’re confident you can beat the game.

If your current job bores you, there’s a good chance that playing poker full-time will also bore you. Plus you’ll have to face some pretty large fluctuations. I don’t recommend playing poker full-time even if you’re a great player. Personally, I have never played more than about 1000 hours in a year.