How to play poker like a pro

Those little poker tips that all make the difference between pros and amateurs … try adopting pros attitudes and mindsets you will only play better. Some tips…

Be confident. Confidence is a huge factor that all the pros have. Too many players are already losing themselves and sitting at the table defeatist…. “If I get in the top 50 I’ll be happy” … no you’re here to win and to win the tournament, not to make up. all of your opponents at your table should feel the confidence you have in you, it is always more intimidating to be up against a winner than against a loser.

Try to know your opponents to learn as much as possible about them. Before the dealer starts observe them, what their attitude is, which ones seem aggressive, or passive, the way they are going to talk to each other can tell you a lot about their state of mind.

During the game it is essential for you to know the amount of the pot, but also to know how many chips you have in your stack and the same for all the other players at the table.

Know how to stay humble and keep your head on your shoulders. One of the most common and costly mistakes made by amateurs is keeping a hand that you think is unbeatable but on second thought is outdated. An example you have in hand king + ace of the same suit, everything starts well, you bet accordingly, the flop comes out 6-7-8 in another suit, although you have a good starting hand it is very likely that you have been beaten, you must accept the fact and not stay in your initial positions.

Knowing when to bet in poker is probably the hardest part to learn. Let’s say you’re playing a six-person game and the blinds are 2-4. You want to raise before the flop, but you don’t know by how much. If you bet too little everyone will call. If you bet too much, no one will call. The most suitable bet would be 16, try to bet three to four times the big blind. This will ward off weak hands, but leave you with callers of a pair.