Hunting for fish in poker games

So you wanna win at poker…. Beside reading lots of books, observing others play, and learning while “on the job” a good way to increase your odds of winning is what we like to call “going fishing.”

“Fish” are players that really don’t know what the hell their doing. Guys swimming around out there in online poker rooms just waiting for you to dangle some bait in front of them so they can latch on hook, line and sinker.

The neat thing about fishing in poker is that it’s a heck of a lot easier than fishing out of a boat, there’s good money involved and you don’t even have to leave your house. Ok, enough heckling about fish from me. Let’s get to the point here. A point that will stick with you forever after reading this article.

As we hope you know, poker is a game in which if you look to succeed and make money at, you need to limit the amount of flops you see. A good poker player recognizes value when they see it and a wise poker player knows that value only presents itself approximately 1 in 5 hands or so (on average).

With that being said, there are online poker rooms out there that are willing to share with you the percentage of the flop seen over the last “x” amount of hands! In essence, they are BROADCASTING which rooms have loose players playing in them!

And lastly, with that being said, if you can find a room in which the players are seeing 70% of the flops, stake your claim, run as fast as you can to get there and drop your line in the water. A slightly above average player can make an absolute killing in these games if they exercise patience and play like a rock (tight poker).

Hint: There are online sportsbooks and online casinos out there that have their own poker rooms. These players are different than the average player found playing at one of the big online poker rooms such as Party Poker or Paradise Poker. The sportsbook/casino player is USED TO assuming risk, especially online casino players who are not in it to win it, but there for ENTERTAINMENT. No kidding, these people don’t mind losing because their used to it. They don’t mind losing as long as they are having a good time! Unbelievable eh?

Enjoy and good luck at the tables!