Improve Your Online Poker Game

To find an online poker site that you can improve your skill is really easy. There are many sites out there to choose from but it is up to you to decide which is right for you. Many people ask me what site that they should play at and the only answer that I have is “several” that I personally play at. The real thing that I should be telling them, as I have found out, is I should give them a list of sites that I feel are the most secure and tell them to check out these.

How do you check out web sites to find what you want? Well that is simple, because many if not all poker sites offer free play. But you must remember that free play is just that, it is free. It is designed for you to get the feel of the software and to teach you the games that you may be unfamiliar with. However, if you are aiming to improve your poker game skills, I wouldn’t play the free poker games very long as your opponents have no vested interest in trying to play well and there’s some grotesquely loose action going on!

Then you may ask “how do I improve my skill if not at the free tables?” The answer to this is very simple deposit money and play in small limit games. When starting out with online poker games, it is recommended that you play some of the free poker games first to get use to the software. Learn the software for a few days by playing the free poker games and then move into the real money games. You can literally play real money games for as little as pennies and you’ll gain a much better poker game experience. After all, poker games are measured in dollars and cents! I suggest that for improvement do not play in the micro limit games but play in the $0.50/$1.00 games as these players generally will not hang out till the river on every hand. Many players in the micro limits will. Go and play, practice, and improve your poker game! Remember that you are trying to improve your skills. Hone them to a razors edge so that some things become automatic and you don’t ever think about it because you know the math and this is the right call, no questions asked. This takes time and seeing many, many, many hands it is not about winning one hand it is how many times out of 100 hands would this hand win. It is not about whether you win this session but whether you are a winning player over time and don’t fret over bad beats. Their gonna happen!

The game of poker is a grind and if you are up to the grind day-in and day-out there are great profits to be made and a a lot of fun to be had in doing so. This is a euphoric and exciting game and even though you have read the books, know the odds and have it all, you can still lose! But take solace in this folks…if you know all that good stuff you probably won’t lose often. See you at the tables!