Largest poker rooms online

It goes without saying that the bigger the room the more players can be found at any time of the day. You don’t have to wait an hour to find a 9 player SnG table, you don’t have to look for cash tables. You can come in at any time of the day and find full games and just join one of them. One of the biggest and fastest growing rooms on the market today is 888 Poker. Also, big signs of recovery in 2018 have started and continue to be a success for PartyPoker. Well, in the third place we can meet the William Hill poker room.

Another advantage we would like to mention is that the bigger the room the more likely you are to discover other poker games. We are talking about less popular poker types such as: Stud game variants, Razz, 5-card draw and other less popular games. Smaller rooms often have no choice in such games, and if they do, they rarely find players at the table.

Another major advantage of large online poker rooms is that they gather large numbers of people and thus the prize pools of large tournaments are much larger. There are tournaments where investing in just a few hundred dollars can win over a million. It goes without saying that such tournaments attract huge numbers of players, and they require as much luck as any Viking lottery.


In this case we will talk about the cons of big online poker rooms. And the main thing is that where the most money is there and the greatest competition. Comparison with sport would be perfect here. LKL is a no-brainer competition between players and clubs if you compare it to the Euroleague, while the same Euroleague fades against the NBA. So in poker, players are looking to showcase their ego, and the biggest poker rooms, all in one place, are pulling together the world’s best poker players.

Also, small poker rooms have to roll more to attract and retain new players, so they offer better conditions, better bonuses for new players.

A great example is the Unibet poker network, which changed its software a few years ago to create a brand new, unique poker platform that does not have any support software, players can change their nicknames even several times a day and so on. In a word, the company makes every effort to get rid of the players who play well and keep those who play for fun. How do you think it worked for them? I had to read Unibet’s 2014 financial report (which is in the public domain), which saw a very significant leap in poker earnings right at the time when they started this innovation.


What would be the advantage of being small? Perhaps we will repeat, but here it is such an important factor that repeating it several times does not harm anyone. Small rooms have far fewer good players. They can practically be counted on their fingers, while in the big rooms good players can be transported by truck. Many of Lithuania’s top cash players are stranded in small rooms such as: Betfair poker, William hill poker, TonyBet poker, Unibet poker for this and another very important reason.

Small rooms pay huge rake backs, a trend that has been declining lately, but in the past good players could recoup up to 80% of what they left in the room and even more. It goes without saying that in order to get that return, you need to play at the very highest levels of big money. Micro limit players usually get a smaller rakeback, but still worth it!

Another advantage of small rooms is that it is easy to understand everything, i.e. you do not need to understand the infinite subtleties of the softs, you are not lost between thousands of tournaments and thousands of tables. A small poker room on the internet, it’s like a small cozy casino in your city, a great place to start your poker career, where there are no poker sharks, all your own and friendly.

Below is a list of the best poker rooms we recommend you play at. Also below is a list of tips and warnings for the poker novice that you should keep in mind when choosing a room and registering.
The weakest poker rooms

Good players are constantly looking for where the weakest players are right now. Here fishermen fly from one place to another in the lake and look for the most fish. And so is poker in a similar search. The contingent is constantly changing in different rooms. So the trend for early 2019 is that the weakest rooms on the market today are PartyPoker, 888poker and Unibet. The team highly recommends all players have at least two of these rooms!