Learn to play the pair of aces according to your opponents

This is obviously the strongest hand in pre-flop in poker, it can be triumphant or disastrous and there are plenty of trivia surrounding this hand because you can win a lot or lose a lot with it.

Rolls or American Airlines, as they are called, have a higher probability of winning than all the others.

A lot of the players we are a part of who favor a certain aggressiveness in the pre-flop raise.

How to make the most of a pair of aces in poker?

First of all you have to avoid slow play, very often because you are afraid of having to settle for the blinds only, you might want to play it soft. In this case the major downside is that you risk ending up playing with 3 or 4 opponents and the pair of aces are now significantly more exposed to a double pair for example on the flop.

If you are short stacked it’s all-in immediately pre-flop.

The statistics for a pair of aces are almost 80% winning in a duel, so the fewer players in the game the better.

The risk in playing aggressively is obviously picking up a small pot, but you are a winner, while playing too soft is the risk of simply losing.

For the post flop it is obvious that draws such as a king with a small pair, 2,3,4,5 are excellent for you because there is little chance that someone has called you with a king and a two. , or a king and a three …

The best of hands if you learn to play it

On paper, aces are statistically the better hand. If, like many newbie players, you still have more disappointments than success with this hand, you are obviously playing it poorly.

In fact, it is when playing a pair of aces that beginner players make the most mistakes. Often by playing it under and thus taking on too many opponents with you.