Limit Poker Rules

We already talked in detail about the rules of Poker and it is time to move forward and complete the series.

I write now about the rules in their different forms of play about betting. Good idea, to expand or consolidate knowledge. We offer the rules for those who completely ignore them and those who have doubts, or for those who want to try or change from one form of game to another. The three game modalities in relation to the bets in Poker are:

  • With fixed limit (limit or fixed limit))
    With pot limit
    Poker without limit (no limit).

In itself, the denomination form is quite descriptive about what we are going to find, but I don’t think that is enough with that, or maybe? Uumh, in my opinion, it is quite risky to come into play with real money in a game of which we are not 100% clear about what will happen next and why. More if possible, lacking a winning strategy.

In this article we focus on Poker with limit. In the next in the series, we’ll talk about Poker with a jackpot limit. We pass over both to start, with unlimited poker and serve as a comparison. In any case, it does not hurt, to review the post on how to play Texas Hold’em or even prior if applicable.
Unlimited poker

The main difference of the NL (no limit) with the FL (fixed limit) is that in no limit you can bet your entire stack of chips from the initial hand, that is, the famous «All-in» or in Spain «send» no less famous after all. I have also heard translations (dubbing) in some poker movie and documentaries, in which they use the “I go with everything”, if anyone knows more about these descriptions, let them in comments, I appreciate your contribution. Following what I was saying, while in No Limit you can put everything inside at any time, in the TH with limit, the bets (bet) and the raises (raise) or resurfaced (reraise), are permanently limited in each hand.
Poker Rules with a fixed limit

The Fixed Limit mode is ideal for learning, because it is a poker much less blunt than the “no limit” or “pot limit”. You will hardly run out of poker rules with limit chips in one hand, unless you start it short of stack. On the other hand, players tend to be looser and play many more hands than they should, this is easy to understand. The level of bets is much lower and staying in them does not cost as much. For this reason, Poker with limit is an ideal meeting place for recreational players. But that is not why it will be much easier for you to win, unless you apply the right strategy or method for this type of game. In FL, mathematical knowledge will prevail over the psychological factor, which is more applicable to No Limit.
Levels and types of bets

The types of bet in Poker with limit, are divided into two levels, small bet and big bet. We describe them below …

Small bet: It consists of the amount of money with which you can initially enter a hand to match (call). The small bet will be used only in the first two rounds of each hand, such as the initial round, pre-flop, and next Flop.

As for the blinds, it will be the big blind that corresponds to this bet size, while the small blind, as is the norm, will be equivalent to half the amount of the big blind.

Example: We enter a Texas Holdem table with Limit whose bet levels are € 1/2, the first number, or 1, reflects the size of the small bet, therefore € 1. The second number, in this case 2, reflects the value of the big bet, that is, € 2. Having this clear, let’s start with the arrangement of the blinds that will turn out to be € 0.50 (50% of the small bet) for the small blind and € 1 for the big blind, a small bet.

Big bet: It is the biggest bet of the two fixed bets. As we were saying, in a game of Texas Holdem with a limit of € 1/2, the number after the separating bar determines the size of the big bet or big bet, in this case it is € 2. The big bet comes into play in the third and fourth betting round or what is the same, on the Turn and the River. This fact, will increase from this moment the boat considerably.

Defined bets and their sizes, we still have to observe the peculiarity in this game mode of ups and downs. Let’s go to it …

The rule indicates that the size of the raises and / or re-raised will be equal to the size of the bet with which you are currently playing. This is, for example, playing preflop, the maximum bet is set by the rules of poker with the limit Bet Bet, therefore, the size of the raise will be the same as that of the small bet. I insist, the raise in preflop and flop equal to the small bet, and I clarify, for two,

1 to match and another to climb. In the case of the pot, it happens exactly the same, only with these, the multiplication will be by three. One to match the big blind, another to match the rise of the previous player and the third to re-raise.

Attention question, can you upload an unlimited number of times? The answer is no. Indicates the rule, which can only be uploaded and re-covered a limited number of times per street, normally it is between 3 and 4 depending on the casino. However, they can be agreed and extended if desired, then the CAP, limit or limit of uploads is established.

CAP: The CAP in Poker is the circumstance by which the possibility of re-raising more until the next street or betting round is closed. The rest of the players who still have to speak, will be able to match to keep in the hand or to throw the cards. This characteristic clearly reflects the different philosophy of Fixed Limit versus No Limit, integrating another limit in this modality.

In a game of Texas Holdem with a limit, the ratio of bets per round will be comparable to the following series: Bet, raise, 1 or 2 rebounds and CAP, subsequently, the street will be covered without the possibility of re-raising until the next.

I do not give more graphic examples than those briefly exposed, because I think it is better to give a couple of mental turns if the first one is not understood. However, the possibility of commenting or asking if there are still doubts remains

This concludes today’s article. Thank you for being there and reading me, I hope you found it interesting and entertaining, if so, please share and comment, thank you…