Mind Reading and Poker

As a part of playing poker you need basically need to read other player’s at the tables minds. Well not really, but you must be able to anticipate what your opponents will do in almost every type of situation. This is very similar to what defensive backs and free safeties do during a football game. The real thought about this would be that you will need to learn what your opponents are playing or are going to play.

Now comes the mind reading. You as a player really need think about what they play and how they play what they play. Becoming a sponge and absorbing all this information can be a tedious task but financially rewarding. This however is a task that all players not only must learn but they must try to master if they plan on being the best player at the table.

Tells and anticipating your opponents are the meat and potatoes of every successful poker player. If you didn’t have these then it would be all luck. Now don’t get me wrong, luck does play an important factor in losing and winning but the skill of knowing what to look for all the time in each and every one of our opponents is so much more important as evidenced by games you will watch on tv with professional players reading each other almost more than their reading their cards.

Knowing when your opponent is bluffing or when they have made the nuts was told to you by their betting or their actions leading up to the river. You just need to figure it out and read all the signs that they are sending you. Something to keep in mind is that even the best players have tells. You just have to figure them out! This can be hard to do if you don’t pay attention and many players do not know how to pay attention for great lengths of time for various reasons which one of the leading reasons would be due to monotonous and boring activity over a long period of time creating your brain to become stiff, stale and dull.. Another reason is that some would rather visit and chat with other players that they know or just focus on the cards that they have in their hand rather than learning from their opponents.

Being able to learn is an ability that we all have and need to utilize if we plan on pocketing some chips.

Until next time, good luck at the tables!