No Limit Texas Hold’em rules

No Limit Texas Holdem – Rules and How to Play

The play is very simple it starts with the blinds small and big. Small blind is the person that sits to the dealers immediate left. The big blind is the player that sits to the left of the little blind.

Then all players are dealt 2 cards. This is where play begins. If the big blind is 50 chips all players must call the 50 in order play they can raise at any time. But the minimum to continue playing the hand is 50. There are 4 betting rounds pre-flop, the flop, the turn and the river.

No Limit Holdem differs greatly from limit holdem because being aggressive usually means winning. People rarely are willing to risk all their money or chips on a single hand. Going all in is a tool and a weapon that many players use to break out “weaker players” and short stacked players.

In No Limit Holdem always remember that no matter how short stacked you are if you have a chip and a chair you have a chance even though it may be slim you still have a chance.