Playing the Blinds

The blinds are the meat and potatoes or a fundamental part of the game. Blinds create action in the game. Knowing how to play pre-flop is only a small part of the game. If you are raised pre-flop and you are in the blind it will only cost you 1 bet since you are already in for the first one.

Let’s look at the game of baseball for a quick second. Many great players in baseball practice the fundamentals every day. They know that these fundamentals not only help their day to day game but the more that they practice the more it will become second nature to them. This is how they stay being great year in and year out.

The same theory also holds true in poker. Many times you will see the same players doing well at the tables. The reason for this is they practice great fundamentals and stick to their guns never deviating from playing with the odds and making the right decisions. They work the blinds day in and day out. There’s also some things that do need saying about these fundamentals and that is the game of Texas Hold’em is a post flop game.

Knowing that making one big blind an hour is the goal, you should not waste your blinds. How you play after the flop from the big or small blind is very important. If you get 9 2 off-suit and on the flop comes 10 9 3 and you don’t know what you should do, you should play less out of the blinds. But when you play well after the flop you should play more hands out of the blinds.

Take these fundamentals to heart and join the big leagues of poker players. Your bankroll will reward you for it and the game will take on a whole new meaning to you.