Playing Your Best Poker Game

Most of the time you do all the right things. This means that you fold when you should and you call or raise when you should. So why do you sometimes do some stupid things like raise with pocket 2’s or go all in with KQ pre-flop? The answer to this is self control or the lack of it.

If I were to give you 5 dollars every time you played just as you should, would you take the money that I am offering or would you sometimes still make bad plays? So here is a better question… If I give you a choice of every time you play a hand correctly and I give you 20, 10, 5 or 1 which would you take if I offered this to you all day long? You would take the 20 right? You would think so, but more often than not, you will occasionally take a single maybe due to boredom or feeling sorry for taking all of the other players money or such nonsense.

Doing your best all the time and making all the right decisions is bringing your “A game.” Bringing your “A game” means that you don’t go on tilt and you are always in control of your thoughts and actions. There is no heat of the moment and you do not need to rush into any situation. Being in control is what will make you money in the long run. With this type of grind you will always take the 20’s and never even consider a one.

Not to beat a dead horse, but by being in control you can avoid many pitfalls that may be devastating to both your game play and more importantly your bankroll. Many times we will not play our best, we will move all-in with weak hands and lose control of a hand and our tournament life.

By playing anything less than your best game, you will be taking money out of your pocket like taking a 1 when you could have had a 20.

Until next time… Good luck at the tables!