Poker chat lingo

While playing online poker, you may notice a chat session at the bottom of MOST online poker rooms in which a lot of two and three letter poker lingo (abbreviations) are being used. If it left you wondering what the heck was being said, your not the only one. Poker Lingo is constantly changing as any language does, but we have rounded up the “most used” online poker chat abbreviations for our readers who are curious what it all means. If you’ve got some poker lingo that you’d like to see added to this page.


brb – be right back
btw – by the way
cya – see you
g1 – good one
gg – good game
gl – good luck
gm – good morning
gn – good night
lol – laughing out loud
n1 – nice one
nh – nice hand
rofl – rolling on the floor laughing
tilt – player playing crazily
ty – thank you
vgg – very good game
vnh – very nice hand
wtg – way to go