Poker etiquette

Poker etiquette is something that should not be ignored when your playing poker, both online or in a live poker room at a casino. As a general rule of thumb it could be said that you should act the way you’d like to be treated and not cause problems at the table. Listed below, you’ll find a list of things one should seriously consider when playing poker versus others at a table:

  • Stay sober. Nothing is worse than a drunk at the table. Well, actually there is! A novice drunk. Don’t do it. You’ll just piss off those around you and it’s simply not fair that others should have to put up with intoxicated behavior at the table.
  • Be kind to others, don’t get nasty with other players including the dealer. Neither is tolerable OR allowed. If you bend the rules too much, you may be asked to leave. In fact, you can count on it.
  • Playing slowly. It can be a great strategy because it surely takes people out of their game but we recommend against it. Being a slug does nothing but piss everybody off. It can be a great strategy for those with no conscience, but on the flip side you may end up finding yourself sitting at a table that everybody has gotten up and walked away leaving you sitting there by yourself. Keep this tactic for online play if at all. Simply not recommended.
  • Language. Keeping cuss words and foul language to a minimum is highly recommended. As a rule of thumb, don’t do or say anything that wouldn’t make your mother proud.
  • Wait your turn. If your wanting to fold, call, or whatever, wait until it’s your turn. No explanation needed.
  • If you’re playing online, don’t try to sign up for multiple accounts at the same online poker room to try to get more than one bonus. Online poker rooms can track ip addresses and will nail you in a heartbeat for doing this. Don’t bother, their one up on you ALWAYS.
  • Don’t splash the pot. This is very rude and makes it hard for everybody to figure out what you bet. It take’s literally no effort to stack your chips neatly which is much more appreciated by all.
  • No sexual advances at the table. Regardless of how hot the person sitting next to you may be, keep your hands and gestures to yourself. Your here to play poker not get some action!
  • Be patient. If playing poker online and a guy is taking forever to make a move and it’s a first time thing, let it go. Good chance he’s having connection problems which will eventually happen to you one day as well!
  • Avoid collusion. Online poker rooms have security staff watching for irregular play at the tables and/or suspicious activity. Keep all chat between other players in English and don’t discuss hands while they are being played. Remember, act the same way you want to be acted upon.
  • Don’t talk about your hand. Simply not acceptable. Don’t tell everybody what you had when you fold either because that can screw up others strategy.
  • Do not offer advice to other players sitting at the table. This creates tensions that run high because it affects other players hands.
  • Don’t leave the table to avoid blinds. Not cool and you’ll get kicked out faster than your head can spin if your figured out to be doing this. Just play fair!
  • Don’t over-celebrate. If you win a fat pot, act like you been there. Over celebrating only pisses others off and makes you look like an asshole.
  • Avoid vulgar usernames when playing at an online poker room. Act like an adult, don’t do it. This doesn’t mean don’t select one that’s not intimidating, it means don’t select one that’s offensive. Wicked Will is acceptable. Big Wanker is not.
  • Win with dignity. Don’t gloat. Gain the respect of others by acting like you’ve been there. Also, making fun of others is BAD NEWS.
  • Lose with dignity. Losing WILL happen regardless of how good you are. Bad beats happen. Don’t swear or throw cards.

We hope that you’ll exercise the poker etiquette listed above and play your role in keeping poker the most respectable sector of gambling.