Poker Greed

One day you wake up and decide that what your making an hour playing poker is no longer enough and you believe that you should be earning more. This is a natural thought and probably the way that you should think. In our estimation this is a sense of wanting more via the spirit of competition and you pushing yourself to be the best you can be. Heck, besides, it’s not like it comes easy, you have to earn it right?

When you are greedy it means that you are never satisfied with what you win always wanting more. Many times this means that you will make bad choices and these choices are not only wrong, but bad for your bankroll and any profits you had for the day.

The real problem with all of this is that more often than not you will crash and burn and lose all that you have gained in a short time. I refer to a “short time” as you potentially losing all that you have built up in 2 or 3 hands. Conversely, if you had stayed in control and not been greedy you would have had a great day rather than a losing day. This type of behavior is very common amongst new poker players and impatient players alike. It’s simply counterproductive.

Do not get me wrong, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be bold in your game play, but making a bluff that has little or no chance in succeeding is the easiest and the quickest way to go from hero to zero in the poker world.

Another thing to rid your mind of is that you cannot be the only winner at a table.

When players get greedy they learn a lesson that gets them crushed quickly. Many greedy players are littered in history, players that almost had it all but due to there downfall of wanting more the greed alone lost it all.