Poker is a game with small advantages

As I have said in previous poker advice articles, where poker luck reigns in the short-term, and skill reigns in the long-term, another very important factor to consider is that poker is a game of small perks, but what does that really mean?

Poker Tips – Reality at a Poker Table

When playing a game of poker or preparing to open tables when playing online poker or in a poker room, if you look closely, we will see that hands come and go, like the jackpots, so that general rule you will win more or less the same jackpots you lose, this will always be the case, even when you have weak or recreational rivals, who pay with really bad hands for your bets, because no matter how bad a hand is, it always has a bit of hundred to win our hand.

There’s certainly more luck involved than if you were betting on cricket over at, for example. But like cricket itself, the better players perform better, to put it simply.

Let’s imagine that a weak and aggressive opponent opens 45 of spades, and we have AK; a really powerful hand. We decide to re-raise his very, very big bet, the opponent rages and puts all his chips on the table, and we match his bet.

Even if it is a somewhat crazy move, his 45 hand of spades will have a probability of winning more than 40% to our AK, with this we see that although the opponent is clearly making a tremendously incorrect move, the odds of winning, especially in the short term is small.

This is seen more clearly post-flop, where many hands have a high probability of improving with a flush, straight or double draws, compared to hands as strong as AA or KK, so the probability of ending up defeated against worse hands are also common.

The important thing is to make correct decisions

All this leads us to constantly win and lose pots, even the strongest hands that can give us such as AA or KK are also likely to lose, so the best poker tips are always to take the best line that makes us win. as much money as possible, thus:

  • In poker, on average we will lose practically the same jackpots as the ones we win.
  • Even as a winner, a player will lose almost the same daily sessions as he wins.
  • The difference between a winning player and a losing player will be the size of those pots, a winner will win many big pots and lose small ones and a loser will be the other way around.

The tip to be a winning player, are not to give importance to the pots we win, since we will win almost the same as we lose, but it will matter the amount of them, a winning player will know how to take advantage of his strong hands and get the most out of it at your fingertips and you will know how to retreat on time and lose smaller boats.

A losing player will overvalue his hands and lose big pots with mediocre hands and with his strong hands he will tend to “trap” the opponent with ridiculous bets, and he will not know how to extract value from his strong hands.

Our winnings are not jackpots

When we see a NL100 game (£0.5/1 blinds) for example, where the table is playing Deep Stack, and we see pots of almost £200 going from one side of the table to the other, we tend to think that a player is making thousands of punds an hour, and nothing is further from reality, jackpots come and go, and as we have shown in poker tips, the game of poker is a game of small advantages, so our profits from Average will be a few blinds of the level you play at the time, determined by your winrate.

  • If we play NL100 and we have a win of 3bb or big blinds at 100 hands, our final winrate will be from the calculation of (big blinds/hour x hands at the time we make /100)
  • So a player who multitasks tables when playing online poker and has 3bb/100 playing 500 hands an hour at 6 tables will win £3 x 500 hands/ hour between 100 = £15 an hour.

So no matter how much a player has sessions with thousands of pounds earned, he will have others in reverse, and in the long term everything will tend to the average, so his winrate will be determined that way and will be around those £15/hour played at Poker is a game with small advantages, our poker tips being:

  • If you don’t mind winning or losing a pot, all you have to do is make the best decisions to win the most money possible in each hand you play, regardless of the final result.