Poker Quick Tips

Rule 1.
Don’t stay in a game with players who prove to be better than you are.
While this makes perfect sense, few players tend to listen to it for no other reason than they are convinced of their own superior play. If you find yourself unable to properly read the board, gauge the other players, calculate pot odds and the like, you’re in over your head.

Rule 2.
Never play a new game for high stakes.
There’s something to be said for challenging yourself, but when it comes to learning a new poker game the key is to go slowly and play at a level much lower than your usual. Remember, every game has its own subtle variations and nuances and while you may be a master in a Texas Hold’em Limit game, you may find yourself floundering in No Limit Or Omaha.

Rule 3.
Don’t play too many hands.
In other words, BE PATIENT. Winning poker and patience go hand-in-hand. A good player knows that they have to throw away the bulk of their starting hands while they wait for something that’s truly playable. In poker, if you start out trailing the only way you can win is if you improve your hand and your opponent doesn’t.