Poker rooms

Listed below you will find the best poker rooms to be found on the web. Don’t settle for second rate poker rooms if your going to be playing with your hard earned cash, it’s not worth it. Only play at endorsed online poker rooms by a credible source such as so you don’t end up having problems such as depositing at a poker room that doesn’t have the critical player mass necessary to suit your needs, doesn’t pay fast, doesn’t have state of the art poker software, and more. Our job is to refer players to poker rooms that suit their needs. We’re confident you’ll find what your looking for by reading the poker room information listed below but if for some reason you don’t find EXACTLY what your looking for, please drop us an email at and one of our friendly customer service staff will be happy to get back to you within a timely manner. Deposit with confidence! Our endorsed poker rooms are ROCK SOLID!

Party Poker – Not much needs to be said about Party Poker. I think even my gramma has heard of this joint as they are ENORMOUS in size and are miles ahead of all other online poker rooms as they started quite some time ago and have built up a critical mass of poker players to the point where at some peak hours, they have as many as 40,000 players going at one time! They offer all the top poker games online as well as a “play for free” option if your not interested in risking your loot. For those of you who are interested in adding to your bankroll, they offer sit’n go’s, guaranteed payout tournaments, satellite tourneys for all the major land based tournaments, as well as their in-house “Party Poker Million” which is sure to be a big hit with you. Lastly, you don’t receive any hassle when you request your payout. This poker joint is HUGE. Deposit with confidence, your loot is safe here and they have what your looking for!

Paradise Poker – Speaking of huge poker rooms, be sure to also check our Paradise Poker Room. Paradise isn’t the biggest but is a close second and despite being smaller than PartyPoker, is often times mentioned as the players favorite and is also known to be the most trusted poker room online. This poker room offers a generous 25% bonus up to $50 in bonus money. What we really appreciate about this poker room is that they don’t forget about the little guy. What we mean by this is that sure, they have some fat high dollar no limit poker games, but they also have some very small stakes poker games for 2 cents etc AS WELL as free online poker for those that don’t want to risk anything. Simply put, Paradise Poker makes playing the game of poker fun for all. They also run numerous tournaments which once you become a good online poker player you will surely want to exploit and take advantage of as if your a disciplined online poker player, tournaments is where the cash is at. (We’re referring to sitngo’s where 3 out of 10 take home at almost double their money or better.) In summary, Paradise Poker is a must have in your online poker arsenal. Many players use multiple online poker accounts as different poker rooms have different tournaments on each day of the week. Heck, we play with more than 10!

Bodog Poker is another poker room that is worthy of mention with the big boys. It’s a little odd that we’d highly recommend a “newer” (if you can call them that; almost 10 years in the online gambling industry specializing in sports betting) poker room but their success is as predictable as finding sand at a beach. The Bodog company is all about marketing and despite still being a smaller online poker room, it’s just a matter of time before they become one of the best online poker rooms. We’ve seen them go from being a tiny online sportsbook to a giant one and after discussing their future poker plans with their CEO and associates we’re sold that they will quickly build Bodog Poker into an even bigger entity than they are in the sports betting industry. What you can expect from Bodog Poker is a poker room that offers unmatched customer service (no joke either), FAST payouts upon request, all the latest and greatest online poker games, state of the art software, and HUGE and we mean HUGE tournaments as well as the opportunity to win seats to all the biggest land based poker room tournaments such as the World Poker Tour, World Series of Poker, Monte Carlo Millions, and more. Simply put, Bodog Poker is in a class by themselves and are worthy of you checking them out. Don’t forget to check out their innovative “Poker Bowl” as well!

Royal Vegas Poker – Royal Vegas Poker, part of the Prima Poker Network is quickly becoming a major player in the online poker room industry as well. Royal Vegas allows players to come in and check out their software with zero risk while playing for real money! That’s right, no risk money! Royal Vegas gives out a FREE no strings attached $10 chip so you can get in on the action and decide whether or not their poker room is for you. If you should decide to deposit, Royal Vegas offers a generous 40% sign up bonus up to $100 in free poker chips. That’s not all though! Royal Vegas offers players the opportunity to win a seat to many major land based poker tournaments as well! Royal Vegas is a must have in your bag of poker rooms.

Don’t fall asleep on us yet! There’s still more top online poker rooms to discuss and breakdown! Next on our long list of recommended poker rooms is Poker Stars. PokerStars become famous when home poker player Chris Moneymaker won a seat to play in the prestigious World Series of Poker (WSOP) and ended up winning the whole thing! This opened the floodgates to Poker Stars as tons of home online poker players rushed there to get into their already popular online poker tournaments. If you are a poker tournament player and are looking for the best place to play, Poker Stars is where you need to be. This is one of those poker rooms thats all about catering to tournament players. No fancy bonuses, no bells and whistles, just poker tournament city at this rock solid online poker room. They come highly recommended and you’ll be sure to enjoy your experience as this place was literally built by players, for players.