Poker strategy: Ask questions

Many times we will be sitting at a table and trying to figure out what our opponent may holding. Faced with many tough decisions, sometimes the easiest answer is to ask questions or think out loud and see the reactions that you may get.

Anytime you and another player go heads up, you will need to think about what they have if they go all-in. Just thinking sometimes is not enough and there are times that you will need to sound it out.

I know that many players will talk to themselves and work their way through what their opponent may have. You will see this all the time if you are at a live tournament. But what many don’t see is the chat at the table and the questions that are asked.

Often times we forget about asking another player a question that he must answer (in general). Their ego will not allow them to pass up the opportunity to answer a stupid question. So ask one here or there and it’s likely that you’ll be surprised at the answer.