Poker Tournaments – Strategy for MTT Poker Tournaments

Multi-table poker tournaments (MTTs) can be very dynamic and exciting. However, they require a different strategy and skills than cash games.

In cash games, your goal is to play consistently and adapt to your opponents. There is no increase in the size of blinds, so you don’t have to worry about the relationship between your stack size and the size of the blinds. If you don’t play high stakes game, you usually just need to get on with a good starting hand and make a nice profit.

MTT tournaments, thanks to various guarantees and buy-in sizes, create the greatest opportunity for a fabulous online poker tournament. Normally, you can win over $ 100,000 in a single tournament.

If you want to improve your skills in cash game poker, we will refer you to the following instructions:

  • In tournaments, you need to adapt your strategy to what stage of the tournament you are at.
    The world’s largest tournaments are attended by tens of thousands of players. If these tournaments had similar rules to cash games, it would take weeks to finish.
    That’s why the blinds are increasing in size – the goal of this motive is to eliminate players faster. Blinds can be raised at various intervals, depending on the tournament.

Tournaments can be divided into four phases:

1 – Poker Tournaments – Early Phase

This phase begins as soon as the tournament begins. Blinds are low due to stack sizes. Your goal here is usually careful play and avoid unnecessary risks. In short – the best strategy is tight play and folding everything except premium starting hands.

Example – A player raises from an early position with nine players at the table. Another player re-raises him from the button. You hold a couple of queens (QQ). What should you do? If you are not absolutely sure that both players are maniacs, you should fold. Very often one of the raisers will hold a pocket KK, AA or Big slick (AK).

There may be exceptions, for example, if you want to play aggressively from the start.

This strategy is applicable, for example, in tournaments where only the winner takes everything or only a very small percentage of players are paid.

Or this strategy can be used in rebuy tournaments, where you can buy a new tournament entry from the start of the tournament (usually 1 hour online) if you have already been eliminated. With the rebuy option, you can play aggressively and quickly become a chip leader without risking being eliminated from the tournament.

2 – Poker Tournaments – Middle Stage

The size of mandatory bets has increased several times, you are still not in paid positions and are starting to feel pressure. You can no longer just wait for a premium starting hand, as the blinds would ruin you.

You should still play tight from early positions, but at the same time you should raise with a much wider range of hands from late positions and try to steal blinds. You should also protect your blinds by re-raising the stealers (usually all-in unless you still have a deep stack).

3 – Poker Tournaments – Bubble

This phase occurs when only a few players need to be eliminated on the way to paid positions. During this phase, most players play very tight and simply try to survive – players wait for someone to be eliminated.

If you are an inexperienced poker player, we also recommend playing more tight and limiting the range of starting hands you play with.

However, there is a better strategy. It depends on the size of your stack as well as the size of your opponent’s stacks. If your stack is small, play more tight. If your stack is big, play more aggressively – you can raise from a wide range of hands and usually none of your opponents will resist you. Even if an opponent re-raises you, you will never risk your entire stack (and thus eliminating the tournament). This is a good way to increase your stack.

4 – Poker Tournaments – Late Stage

At this stage, the vast majority of players are already eliminated from the tournament and the remaining players are already in paid positions. Many weaker players continue to play tight – trying to survive and avoid risk. But with this approach you will never win a tournament!

Your goal should now be a tournament win, not a survival. You have to play very aggressively, actively steal blinds and protect yourself from the opponents’ stealy. Yes, this is a risky strategy, but there is no other way to win. At this stage, you will probably need a portion of luck (especially in coin flip situations) – for example, AK vs. QQ.

Summary of MTT poker strategy

Multi-table tournaments are only for flexible players looking out for more than their hole cards. To be successful in poker tournaments, you need to be very adaptable to the situation.

Poker table position:

  • Early position – 3 seats to the left of the big blind.
  • Middle position – 3 seats to the left of the last early position.
  • Late Position – 2 places to the right of the small blind.
  • Blinds – seats in which players are forced to place mandatory bets before the cards are dealt. Small and big blind.

Where to Play Multi Table Poker Tournaments

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Another option is to try MTT poker tournament strategy at Freeroll tournaments (no entry fee). For an updated offer of the best gambling rooms, please see: