The 10 best combinations in Texas Hold’Em

When it is time to start playing poker seriously you need to know the best texas holdem combinations and use them to your advantage.

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each combination means using the cards that have come to your advantage. And this is definitely the first step to trying to win the pot or to keep away from the risks.

After analyzing the most dangerous hands for beginners and explaining when to fold is better than risking a large part of your stack, the time has finally come to understand together what is the best time to stay in the race and have a real chance to win the hand of game.

With a little experience and with thousands of hands behind them, every player who sits at the table tends to develop “his” favorite starting hands: there are those who almost never play without having at least one figure in their hand and who, adapting to the strategy of the other players at the table, he knows when even a very risky 7-7 can be worth a smile hidden by glasses and hood.

In this article, however, we will try to examine which hands are really good from an objective and non-subjective point of view. What would be a near-fatal sin would not try to bring on the flop at least. In short, those that if you fold, you always do it with a little regret.

10 winning combinations in Texas Holdem

1. A-A
[American Airlines, Pocket Rockets]

The best hold’em hand you can hope to have by peeking at your opening cards. The most difficult part of finding A-A (American Airlines) as the starting hand is paradoxically in not laughing as a result of the opponent’s rise, unaware that an unbeatable combination is ahead. Also, be careful not to widen your eyes as soon as you lift the cards. Or not to widen your eyes as soon as you raise the cards. Calm … texas holdem poker is known to be a game that requires a lot of calm and self-control out of the ordinary. Unfortunately, to avoid unnecessary hopes, it is good to know that this is an extremely rare combination, it occurs in fact every 200 hands.

The best starting hand ever

2. K-K
[The Cowboys, King Kong]

The “cowboys”, as they call them in America, are the second hand of Holdem and it is a combination that can only be beaten by American Airlines. Finding them in front of the beginning of the hand is a pleasant surprise. A bit like it used to be to find a ticket with a 12 in the football pools outside the front door. Who wouldn’t be happy? But there is no euphoria around the Aces …

3. Q-Q
[Ladies, W **** s]

With this pair you are obviously under AA and KK, but still remain above all the other hands from JJ down: not bad, what do you say? Of course, the pair of women, however, requires greater concentration and attention to the various texas holdem strategies than the previous two

which are potentially stronger. In all likelihood, by combining your initial luck with a lot of attention and the right moves you and your opponents can take the pot home.

4. A-K
[Anna Kournikova]

Beautiful but complicated, just like the beautiful former tennis player Anna Kournikova. A-K ends up off the podium but remains a hand with great charm and great potential, but which can also lead to unexpected and unexpected ruinous falls if you don’t fit it with a favorable flop. In case the two cards in your hand are not of the same suit, and if the first three of the board do not help you build a straight or a pair, think about it very well before betting and continuing to play. The Anna Kournikova hand can be very ruthless if you don’t play the two cards well.

5. J-J
[Fishooks (fishing hooks)]

The Top 5 is completed by the pair of Fishooks, that is, fishing hooks, so called thanks to the shape of the J that reminds us of a fish hook. Here you have to open your eyes well on the flop: with JJ you still have a good chance to win the hand but it all obviously depends on the cards that come on the flop. If you find A, K or Q then be very careful because one of your opponents may already have a stronger pair in hand than your JJ. So never forget to check the texas holdem points to get clearer ideas on which strategy to apply in case you want to move forward in the hand.

6. A-Q
[Big Chick]

This is undoubtedly another excellent hand: and if the two cards are of the same suit, you already start with a good 20% probability of winning the round. However, as always, it is necessary not to lose sight of the main rules of Texas Holdem and crucial factors such as the position at the table that you are occupying during the game as A-Q is only the sixth best starting hand.

7. K-Q

These are good cards, which are even better if they are of the same suit. Unless an Ace appears on the board you have a very good chance of winning the hand if you start from this point. For this reason, many times to say it with a famous phrase of Italian literature K-Q is a wedding that has to be done!

8. A-J

Always better if of the same suit, obviously. A-J is a hand that seems very favorable but is actually quite complex and should never be underestimated. Many lose their heads at the sight of a figure paired with an Ace and consider this starting hand almost like an A-K. Learn to read it more like an A-10 and you will surely avoid unnecessary risks. In any case, it is always better to hit a 2 and a 9.

9. K-J

The strength of this hand depends more on your position at the table than anything else. This combination loses against all the hands illustrated above and, therefore, it is not advisable to play it if someone starts to bet consistently. Play it only if you are the last to speak and there are not too many chips required to stay in the game and see the flop. In short, be witty like Lieutenant Kojak.

10. A-T

Our Top 10 is closed by the Ace-Ten pair. The two cards together are not bad to begin with even if many tend to turn up their noses at the sight of this pairing: you still have an ace and there is also the possibility that, with a dealer’s deal, a straight also materializes.

Of course, if the cards are not of the same suit and if the other players start to play strong, it is better to leave it alone: ​​someone else could have one of the 9 combinations illustrated above. In short, A-T could be a double-edged sword.