The basics of poker

At this site, our goal is to provide as much relevant information as possible to get you on your way to becoming a winning online player

In order to do this, we’ve created pages as beginner as hand rankings to the more advanced such as when to bluff and other strategic tips. before you sit down to play for real money, there are a few basic principles you should follow.

if there are any terms you are not familiar with, please click here to open up our poker term glossary

What level game should i play in?

If you are new to the game, it is probably best to play in low stakes limit games. There are several reasons for this recommendation. the first is an obvious one. the lower the bet amount, the less risk involved. this way, an inexperienced player won’t lose a ton of money while learning the game. why limit instead of the more popular no limit? in no limit, a player can lose all of their money on any given hand. an inexperienced player could get eaten alive and go broke playing in a no limit game. in a limit game, only a set amount can be wagered in a given hand. this minimizes potential losses and fostered a much more wallet friendly learning environment.

What starting hands should i play?

In rounders, Mike says to only play premium hands. that’s a fine strategy, but it’s also ultra-conservative and makes for very boring poker. also, it makes you quite predictable. and other players will learn quickly what types of hands you have.

How important is table position?

the most common mistake new poker players make is playing hands out of position. what does this mean exactly? an example of this is a player in early position who limps in with marginal cards, a face card, with weak kicker, unsuited connectors.