The different variations of online poker

In several online poker websites the player has many types of online poker that he can play, some of the most well known variations on these sites are Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Stud. seven cards, in this article we will see the characteristics of these three types of online poker.

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em remains by far the most popular poker game on poker sites, especially in the United States and Europe, thanks to these easy-to-understand rules and to the rhythm of your game, Texas Hold’em is played either between two opponents or on a table of up to ten players, each player receiving two private cards and five community cards visible on the table. A game of Texas Hold’em can be up to three rounds where each player combines these two cards and the other cards according to the Texas Hold’em hand ranking rule on the table to have the best hand and bring down their opponents. with bids to try to win the pot.


Omaha sometimes called Omaha High is a variant of poker also very popular like Texas Hold’em which is played between two up to ten players of whom they must form the best possible combination with four private cards and five community cards on the table. table, the difference between Omaha High and Texas Hold’em is that each player has four cards instead of two and must combine between the two best private cards he has with the other three cards on the table. the table during the rounds of the game in order to win the pot, there are three types of Omaha which are the pot limit Omaha, Limit omaha, No limit Omaha which generally concern the amounts of bets on each game.

Seven card stud

Seven-card stud is a less popular variant than the others and is played between two and eight people. Each player receives three cards face down and four cards face up but only the best five card hand of each player determines the winner, there is another variation of the game The Seven card stud hi lo which the player has to design the best hand. highest and / or lowest using any combination of five of its seven cards.