The Joker’s letter and its history

The Joker card was created by the American card player Euchare, taking advantage of a modification of the regulation. Euchare, believed that the introduction of a new trick like this, would give an additional boost to the game, so in 1863, it was introduced for the first time in American decks.

In its origins it was called “The Best Bower” to later be called “The Jolly Joker.” Already today, the famous Joker, whose translation is mocking and joking, is also called “Joker” or even “The Monkey” here in Spain and “The Joker” in South America. Samuel Hart is credited with printing the first letter “The Best Bower” in 1863 with his Imperial Bower.

The Joker’s appearance:

Its appearance is varied, although the most common form of representation, is that of jester, harlequin or minstrel. Apparently comic and quite theatrical figure, as well as enigmatic. His mocking and sarcastic smile in many cases seems to be suspicious.

Surely, it is the figure of the poker deck that has been represented more times and in more different ways since its creation, by each card manufacturer around the world and according to the models or evolution itself. Without ignoring, of course, cartoonists of great prestige, even great film directors with great impact. The influence of the latter media, leads the character’s drift, in his own fantasy, to an aspect that fits, even more sinister.

The Joker is also related to the character of El Loco, integrated in the major arcana of the Tarot deck.

As a general rule, we will find two Jokers or wild cards in each deck, one of them in color and the other in black and white or discolored, although you can also find decks with three Jokers like the German ones, others with one and even with none. It is also common to have a 5-pointed star within a circle, one in red and the other in black as an index, like any other suit stick or Joker J more stylized, too, with the Own written word. These are related by their color with the same tone as the suits of the deck, as well as diamonds and hearts on one side and on the other, the spades and clovers. The Joker card in Poker

In the event that the jokers tie in play, the red or colored joker, or with a larger graphic, surpasses the black or uncoloured joker or with a smaller graphic.
Curiosities of the Joker card:

This card does not have a suit or rank and is distinguished from the rest by its ability to… for example in Poker, to substitute and assimilate the value, suit and rank of any other card in the poker deck (wild card function).

The use of the Joker varies according to the type of game, in some games such as poker, the Joker is extremely positive for the play, while in others it is extremely negative, but never plays an intermediate role, it always acquires extreme values.

Like sports cards, jokers tend to be very popular among collectors, in fact you can find many unusual Jokers for sale online.

To end this new “Poker Post”, say that I liked to write it and be able to show it for those who like interesting poker stories like this, at least I think so, because it is a figure that as we said, practically comes alive, for example in the cinema and with the particular imagination of each one.

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