Types of poker games

Below you will find a list of poker games that can be found in online poker rooms. This list of poker games does not consist of every single poker game ever created but does highlight the best poker games to be found in online poker rooms. Seeing as though this is only about the 6th year that online poker rooms offering poker games have been in existence, we do expect that more online poker games will become available shortly! Please note that the poker games listed on this page can be played for both free or for real money.

You will notice ads on this site offering places to play for real money. These poker games/rooms are legit and endorsed by Poker-Times.com, an online poker industry insider. The founders of this site are very privy to which poker rooms are solid and which are crap. Rest assured if your playing with one found on this site, it is ROCK SOLID! Check out the list of games below and you’ll also find listings of where the games can be played. Enjoy!

Texas Hold’em – By far the most popular card game in the world. There are numerous variations of this game including limit, pot limit and no limit. Read more about the game by clicking here

Omaha Poker – Played with four hole cards along with two community cards, this game is very exciting and boasts stronger winning hands. A very profitable game for those good with math and that are willing to be patient as many Omaha players are reckless!

Five Card Draw – There are two betting rounds in a complete game of Five Card Draw, not including the ante. The dealer deals five clockwise rounds giving each player a single card down during each round.

Seven Card Stud – In the game of seven card stud, there are five wagering rounds. (Not including the ante.) First, the dealer deals two clockwise rounds giving each player a single card down during each round (known as hole cards) and one round with the card face up (aka “the door card”). Click the seven card stud link for more information on the game.

Crazy Pineapple Poker – “Crazy Pineapple” is a poker game that’s a cross between Texas Hold’em and Omaha. Players are dealt three hole cards and must discard one after the flop. This game is hard to find at online poker rooms but can be found at Ultimate Bet.

Chinese Poker – Click the link to read more about Chinese Poker. The only place we know of that carries real money chinese poker online can be found here.