Why go all-in in poker

The all-in or the all-in is when you play it all on one hand, forcing the opponent to either fold or call a pot of the sizeable fact.

It is sometimes a strategy that can be interesting to play but only wisely because there is no draft. It’s the end of the tournament for you if you lose.

So it is therefore a strong playing strategy and action that must be approached with great care.

There are several reasons that can lead you to go all-in, a great hand that means an almost assured victory, a big bluff, or a need to redo and therefore a more aggressive game with risk taking.

All-in on the super hand

You can never be sure of winning 100% at poker, but there are some hands that you cannot help but play double or double. You have an ace flush, a square, or a full house, it is clear that it is a hand to defend, your objective will therefore be to take as much as possible and not to go all-in too early but to arrive nevertheless that one of your opponents follows you.

Bluff all-in

Especially at the start of the tournament, your opponents have not yet been able to read your game, or to spot a few tells, going all-in can pay off in many ways.

If you go all-in this implies for the players who will follow you to risk leaving this tournament very quickly if they lose, which many hesitate to do, we come to play a tournament is not to risk leaving at the end of the third hand (for example).

On the other hand, a player who shoves it all in has a bit of a theatrical side and it’s always impressive, it can be a way of asserting yourself at the table as a strong value, difficult to analyze. And having an ascendant is always interesting.

Gambling at risk

When you have a weakening stack, with the blinds increasing, it is going to be difficult for you to get to the final without taking a minimum of risk. In this case playing all-in can be a solution to try to get over it and do not hesitate if from the distribution you have a decent game go all-in.

Going all-in can therefore be an aggressive or a rescue strategy, but used properly it has saved more than one player from a quick elimination.