Why should I play poker?

Many people have asked why I would want to play poker for real money. It’s almost like their scared of gambling even for small stakes or that it’s not socially acceptable. To me, it really seems like a simple question on its face, but the answer to me is both complex and kind of personal. There are many different reasons to play poker. More often than not, the reason that a person chooses to play poker will give you a good idea of what type of player that person is and what limits and or games he or she should play.

Let me make this clear. There are several good reasons to play poker and not one of them is any better than the last. The first is for a Socially Rewarding Experience. This is the major reason behind the traditional home game. There’s nothing like getting together with the buddies to escape our lives and wives! Some friendly competition keeps the juices flowing as well. With this being said, we do however recommend that you keep the stakes low because if you get the wrong group of people together and the beers are flowing, money can create issues. Avoid that, keep stakes smallish.

Entertainment. There’s nothing wrong with having a little fun. It could be said that playing poker is just like taking part in sports. HOWEVER, be sure that you don’t get caught up too much in the entertainment end of this because without some discipline added in and a little skill, you run great risk of losing your cash!

It could also be said that learning experience is a good reason to play poker. Believe it or not you’ll pick up skills in a game of poker that will help you in other facets of life, mainly being disciplined, helping your judgement and helping you to think strategically. Needless to say, you will become a quick study of risk and reward as well!

Last but not least, To Make Money. While most play for fun, if your sharp enough you may just be able to make a living doing it. While this sounds like a dream job we’ll quickly admit that it’s not easy. You have to sustain highs and lows and go through some very monotonous times. Patience is a virtue to the seasoned career player. Nonetheless, with some reward on the backend this indeed motivates people to want to play the game.

Did You Know?
Poker (along with sports betting) are one of the few forms of gambling in which you can turn the odds in your favor if you stick to your guns.