Anaconda Poker explained

Anaconda (aka: Pass the Trash)


INITIAL DEAL: Seven down cards to each player.

PLAY: Rotating bet starting after the deal. Each player passes three cards to the player on their left after the first round. After the next betting round, everyone passes two cards to the player on their left. After another betting round, players pass one card to their left. Each player then chooses five cards to keep and discards the remaining two. Play continues with a rolling showdown. Cards speak for themselves.

WINNER: High hand.


  • The cards are passed to other than the person to the left (Ex. 3-left, 2-right, 1-left or 3-left, 2-two-to-the-left, 1-three-to-the-left).
  • The player keeps all seven cards at the end and chooses which to turn up. This allows the player to change from hi to lo depending on what is being played.
  • Pass 2 cards to the left and 1 card to the right at the same time.
  • Love Thy Neighbor: High hand and the person to his left (who is still in) split the pot.

There are not currently any online poker rooms offering Anaconda for real money play.