Bet out of position: Is it worth the risk?

If you are a poker lover, you know the importance of the position.

The most common idea is that the last word has more information than his opponents, he has a better idea of ​​what players have in hand, and he can make better decisions.

Is playing off-position a winning technique?

To illustrate this article, here is an example with a situation commonly encountered in Texas Hold’em.

You are at the button with matching connectors 7c 8c which is a very interesting hand to go see the flop. We already told you about it in our article “The art of grinding and increasing your carpet” that we invite you to consult if it is not already done.

Let’s go back to our example. An opponent raises by tripling the big blind, and you decide to follow.

Many players would then check the flop, whatever it is. But in doing so, you give the player control over the button. He will then bet most of the time, whether he has a hand or not, and you will be in a critical position if you have not met your flop.

In a move like this, the best strategy is to watch the flop, and ask yourself, “Is it likely that with such a flop, my opponent has improved his game? “.

Once you have an opinion on the issue, you can decide how to play this shot.

If the flop is Ah Kd 9c, you can check before going to bed after a bet, since your opponent will certainly have met the big cards that it raises pre-flop implied.

On the other hand, if the flop is 9c 5h 2d, you will certainly be more skeptical about the fact that your opponent has found his flop, since none of the cards on the flop could, a priori, justify a pre-flop raise.

If you suspect that your opponent has not met his flop, you must take the initiative and bet about half of the pot because your straight draw offers you several advantages:

  • A bet may well be enough to make you win immediately, as a result of this semi-bluff.
  • Even if your opponent follows, you have forced him to react, and therefore to give you information:
  • If your opponent seems uncomfortable to pay, you can continue to bet on the turn and try to make him sleep.
  • If he appears on the other hand when he follows you on the flop, you can give up the blow by being certain to be beaten, unless you touch the rest of the turn.

Do not hesitate to consult our article on tells to read your opponents in poker, it is complementary to the game “out-position”.

“Stealing” pots out of position can be very profitable.

To win a poker tournament, it is interesting to bet or raise out of position quite frequently, because generally, the first to bet on the flop has a significant impact, a strong image, which can lead you to increase considerably your carpet.

When learning to play Texas Hold’em, keep in mind that you should not give any advantage to the players behind you. The position in poker is one of the most important elements to take into account.

Stay alert to opportunities to win, and take your chance!