Is playing online poker safe?

Among the major concerns of playing online are the fairness and integrity of the games. For the most part, you have a far better chance of being cheated in a house game then you do when playing online. Every major poker site uses a similar method to shuffle cards and ensure a random deal. You could literally write a thesis (and it has been done) on how this process works. Simply put, the process works by using random number generators based on algorithms. Algorithms are used to ensure that the computer never falls into any pattern and are also widely used in top-level security systems. The end product is a game in which each shuffle is determined by a random selection of millions of possibilities and dealt seamlessly to the players. Every site recommended here on TPS has been subject to several independent audits and must periodically continue to be audited to remain highly recommended.

Collusion (cheating)
Now we’ve established that you’re getting a fair deal, how about collusion? If you play online for any amount of time you’ll hear this word thrown around by sore losers and conspiracy theorists quite often. Collusion is basically the teaming up of two or more players to gain an advantage over the rest of the players at a table. Sites do monitor for this by allowing only one IP address per table and using software programs to track player tendencies. I’ve always been of the school that if it walks like a duck and quacks, it’s probably a duck. That being said, just use your best judgment. Keep your eyes open, for example: Two players trapping you in a pot or raising and dumping after you fold could be a sign of collusion. If you feel this is ever taking place, report it to the host and choose another game immediately. There are too many great sites and great games to even worry about being cheated, if you don’t feel comfortable choose another table.

First off, let me say this – TPS takes the banking side of playing online very seriously and you should too. There are two main issues when talking about banking. Protecting your money and identity while depositing and feeling confident that you’ll get your money when you make a withdrawal.

The best solution in both cases is to choose a safe, secure money transfer service to handle your Poker deposits and withdrawals. There is no reason to put your personal information out there in the form of credit card numbers etc. Be sure to sign up with a company who specializes in protecting your anonymity and money. Choose a site from our recommended funding list these companies have been approved by TPS as a safe reliable way to move money in and out of the poker accounts without risking not being paid or having your personal information compromised.

Luckily for you, takes the guessing game out of it for our reader’s and only directs our valued clientele to the cream of the crop Poker Sites. When you’re playing with a online poker room, you’re playing with a poker room that is ROCK SOLID!