Omaha poker tips and strategy

When in a hand always be aware of the nut hand possibilities. As the board develops, make sure that you always know what the three best hands are at that time and how that might be affected on the next card.

In the game of Omaha Poker you need to flop 2 pair or better to call it a good flop unlike Texas Hold’em where a high pair with an over card is not a good flop.

Don’t make a habit of raising before the flop unless you are holding Aces or Kings and are in position to make a few players fold so you can narrow the field. Another situation in which you would raise is when you have been unraised on the button and have a strong hand. Try not to let the blinds play bad hands cheap, if you let them limp in you may be sorry.

Fold your straight or flush draw if that’s all you have and you don’t flop an unpaired rainbow. If you do get the right kind of flop, bet/raise to discourage the back door flush draws and the higher straight draws.

Never overvalue your low pairs. A pair of threes in your starting hand is only useful if you flop a set, but then again a low set on the flop isn’t a very strong hand in Omaha poker.

Most people, when they are out of a hand will do the one thing you should never do and that is stop paying attention. If you stop paying attention you’ll miss out on a lot of good information that you opponents are giving you. The things that you are looking for are Do they bluff? Do they find more hands to play than they fold? Can they be bluffed? Do they have any “tells” that disclose information about their hands. As well as much, much more as time goes on you will learn many things about your opponents.

You will want to get caught bluffing every now and then. That way people will not be able to tell what you have. Then when you have the nuts you will get callers and sometimes when you have a muck hand you wont have any callers. Keep’em guessing!

Anytime that you have a raiser you will need to check his or her chips. Players that are close to all-in will often rush the betting just to get all their chips in a last ditch effort to make something of a bad string of luck or their own poor play. Don’t help them unless you have the nuts and you are on the river since there will be no more cards that can help your victim.