Poker slang, glossary of terms

Today we are going to talk about Poker slang. This terminology is popularly used by players and describes the moves defined in poker games colloquially.

Below you will find a detailed list of the hands and their description, once learned you can start using them in your Poker games, this type of slang will be practical and fun.


AA: Pockets Rockets, Bullets, American Airlines.
KK: Cowboys, King Kong.
QQ: Ladies, Whores, Double date, Canadian Aces.
JJ: Fishhooks, Hooks (hooks).
TT: Dimes.
99: German Virgin, Barbara Feldon, Wayne Gretzky, “The Fat” Ronaldo.
88: Snowen, Doggie Balls; Piano Keys.
77: Sunset Strip.
66: Route 66.
55: Speed ​​Limit.
44: Magnum, Sailboats.
33: Crabs.
22: Ducks.
AK: Big Slick, Santa Barbara, Ana Kournikova.
AQ: Big Chick, Walking Back To Houston.
AJ: Ajax, Black Jack, “Jack – ASS”.
A8: Dead Man’s Hand.
A4: The Hand Of Fright.
KQ: Royalty, Marriage, Mussels.
KJ: Kojak.
K9: Canine.
QT: Quint, Varkony.
Q7: Computer Hand.
Q3: Gay Waiter, San Francisco Busboy; Queen With A Tray
J5: Motown, Jackson Five.
J4: Flat Tires.
T5: Woolworth´s, Five and Dime.
T4: Broderick Crawford, Convoy, Good Buddy.
T2: Texas Dolly.
98: Oldsmobile.
69: Big Lick, Dinner For Two.
95: Dolly Parton.
92: Montana Banana.
76: Oil Union.
57: Heinz.
45: Jessie James, Jane Russell.
39: Jack Benny.
38: Rachel.

We hope you find this little guide helpful for your hand shots during the game and as always, you know, if you liked this article, share and comment, thanks in advance.

See you soon and good luck!