Trash Talking at the Poker Tables

A little ribbing never hurt anyone and in the game of poker, the heat of the game and some good competition can drive even the most introverted of us to give a little bit of ribbing. You will also find much table chatter. Many players would at times much rather chat than play. This can be annoying at times but to be honest it is all part of the game.

There are players who go above and beyond this ribbing and idol chatter. It may start out small with just a confrontation on the table and a few words that are exchanged. Then in another hand or in the course of the game one player may swear at another.

Again, this is not that big of a deal however many players feel the need to belittle another player. When this happens while playing online, you may report the individual that is saying and doing these things. At a brick and mortar poker room or casino you will need to talk to the floor man or dealer.

These players feel that what they do may take you out of your game and in fact in many ways they are right. They will also hammer and slam the dealer for little errors. Smart players at the table that feel uncomfortable will just pack up their money and go. If you instead report this unscrupulous player to the floorman, then the ugly player will pack up and leave and not by choice.

Players will thank you as this is not the way that the game was intended to be played. Either ignore it or report it but do not partake in it or you will have essentially given in to the maniac at the table and he will have accomplished his goal of affecting both your concentration and game play.