Poker Tournament Zones by Dan Harrington

Dan Harrington, a professional poker player, divided poker tournaments into five zones based on the amount of chips available: green, yellow, orange, red and death. Each zone is played differently.

The green zone occurs when M is greater than 20. The yellow zone occurs when M is greater than 10 and less than 20. The orange zone occurs when M is greater than 5 and less than 10. The red zone occurs when M is less than 5. The death zone occurs when your M is less than 1.

M is calculated by adding all the ducks to the sum of the blinds and dividing the number of your chips by the number obtained. M is the ratio between the number of your chips and the initial pot size.

How To Play In Certain Poker Tournament Zones?

Green area. You have enough chips in this zone so you can play as you wish. Can play loose aggressive style, can play tight aggressive style, do various poker maneuvers. And if you lose each other’s hand, you probably still have plenty of chips.

Yellow area. You should play more hands in this zone as the blinds eat your tokens. You just have to drop the game with the small couples that catch Seth and the speculative hands, because the chances of winning a big pot are low.

Orange area. You should play even more aggressively. Within this zone, you should wait for a strong enough hand or situation to double your stack.

Red area. There should be almost no bets in this zone other than ALL IN.

Death Zone. Any high card should be good enough to do ALL IN.