The poker tilt, or how to lose everything in 2 shots

We will dwell on the tilt. Indeed, whatever your level, all players can, at one time or another, feel this feeling, it is an integral part of poker and if you have never had this feeling, it will not be long!

Be that as it may, being tilted can be expensive. Explanations.

What is poker tilt?

Tilt is when a player can no longer control his emotions and makes decisions that go against common sense and the game he usually plays.

Being in tilt will make you look for a weaker player than you are and your opponents could enjoy it. Remember the predator strategy.

Generally, the tilt is preceded by a bad beat: you have a good hand but you make it crack with a hand, a priory, less good.

So, you’re upset, you think the situation is unfair and it influences your decisions in terms of gambling.

Attention, all the players are not identical and if some will go in tilt because of a bad beat, others will feel this state because they play too many hands, or not enough, because the cards do not come or for various reasons that may affect the psychology of a poker player.

Are all players subject to tilt?

In our humble opinion, yes. In any case, all players have at least once been in this situation.

As you will see with the testimonials below, the idea is to work mentally to better manage your emotions to minimize bad actions, during a tilt.

Example of a poker tilt

Imagine the following situation:

You have Ace Ah and you raise to eliminate some opponents

Flop: 8c Qs 3d.
Turn: Ad
Small check-raise to inflate the pot …
River: 9c
10s – Jd
Quinte VS Brelan
Good night


Your carpet is halved, you’re pissed off. Normal, but rest assured that it does not happen to you. Look at this compilation filled with tilts!

How to avoid tilt?

This refers to the psychology of poker and if there are no methods that can apply to everyone, the main thing is to know each other well to know how you will react to this situation.

Here are some methods that can help you:

  • Breathe and try to relax
  • Get up from the table and go for a walk
  • Spend a few laps to think of something else
  • Relativize the loss and get ready for the next moves
  • Relativize again and again: That’s Poker!